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Embrace powers of mighty Patrons
and conquer the conflicted world of Elear

Become a Demigod

People have lost control over the dying world of Elear. It has become a battlefield for the almighty Patrons. Embrace the demigod powers and fight your divine kin. Do you have what it takes to succeed in the Eternal War?


God of blacksmithing, who forged the Sun and placed it on the firmament.


Goddess of nature, harvest, and hunt, who possesses the ability to talk to the animals and control them.


Chthonic Patron of the netherworld and counselor of the dead.


Patron of homesteads and farms, but also the ruler of the Underworld, where he was banished by Perun.

Lead legendary creatures to battle

World of Elear is full of unforgiving mystical creatures from the folk tales, which will try to stop you from conquering the land.

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