Hey everyone,

here’s our first entry in the series of Development Updates, in which we’ll try to highlight what’s currently going on with Shattered Plane, and what can be expected next.

Today’s topic: your feedback

It’s been over ten days since Shattered Plane’s open alpha is available on Google Play (you can get it ->here<-). We are grateful for all the messages and comments we got from you. They allowed us to identify main issues,  some of which could be addressed in upcoming updates.

Here’s what we gathered:


  • Not all mechanics are understandable. The game could use a tutorial campaign/mission. Current tutorial doesn’t explain all functions.
  • Patrons’ abilities should be possible to check before the purchase.
  • Morale statistics are not clear enough.
  • Avatars could have colored versions to identify whether they have been purchased or not.
  • Lack of buttons’ hierarchy in the menu.
  • Tooltips (yes, there are such ^^) feature should be highlighted.
  • (Changing) The number of moves in the turn not necessarily understandable during the first gameplay.
  • Not explained what particular boosts do.
  • Not clear, which particular Patron commands which Units.
  • Idea: add the possibility to split Units at the expense of the turn.
  • Idea: a faster flow of the game.
  • Idea: fog of war to increase the difficulty.


  • Visibly draining the battery.
  • No possibility to access settings during gameplay.
  • No possibility to turn off the music and SFX [would break Milołaj’s heart ~Luke]
  • White screen during loading after the splash-screen animation.

What’s next

We are going to focus on UI adjustments, which could help highlight important information and make the first time user experience more friendly.

Additionally, we’re planning to create a proper map builder for our internal use. It will allow us to create a comprehensive tutorial and possibly a campaign (in the near or distant future).


Thank you for your feedback! It’s a food for thought and stimulus for action.

Wish you a lot of fun with Shattered Plane. If you have any friends, who could find this game enjoyable, we’d be grateful for a recommendation.


Shattered Plane is available for free on Google Play:

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