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Sit near the bonfire and listen to the story of Dziady – a feast of the living and the dead. If you pay attention, I’ll also tell you how to recognize Nyja – patron of the Netherworld. Now, what was I saying? Ah, yes…

Dziady Slavic Halloween - Shattered Plane Turn-Based Strategy Game


Halloween’s equivalent in Slavic culture was Dziady. It was held twice a year (spring and autumn). Its essence was a communion of living and the dead.

Dziady, also known as Forefather’s Eve, was a feast commemorating the dead ancestors. Specifically, it was about establishing relations with forefathers’ souls and gaining their favor, as they were perceived as keepers of harvest and fertility. In order to gain the favor of souls, which visited the domain of the living, commemorators hosted, watered, and fed them.

In autumn, Dziady would take place during the night of October 31 and November 1. People would make bonfires, to prevent demons from entering our world: souls of people who died a sudden death, committed a suicide, or drowned.

Old Nyja Pick Screen - Shattered PlaneTurn-Based Strategy Game New Nyja Pick Screen - Shattered Plane Turn-Based Strategy Game

Nyja visual overhaul: slide left or right to compare. Updated version on the right.


Chthonic Patron of the netherworld and counselor of the dead.

Nyja is also considered to be the goddess of wealth, which she gives away to mortals, but at the same time punishes them cruelly, if they don’t fulfill their vows.
Her name derives from the word “nyti“, which means fading or dying.

Note: In Slavic mythology, Nyja is a male deity, but somehow the gender-swapped version of the character appealed to us the most.

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Shattered Plane

Nyja is one of the playable demigods in Shattered Plane – turn-based strategy game set in a Slavic fantasy universe.

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It’s your turn to crush enemies and conquer the shattered world of Elear. Once a peaceful land, it has now become a battleground for ferocious beasts, led by mighty Patrons. As one of them, you’ll be fighting your divine kin on ranking maps, procedurally generated maps, and in hotseat mode. When demigods clash, only one can remain on the battlefield!

  • Use your tactical skills in turn-based combat.
  • Play with friends in classic hotseat multiplayer mode.
  • Compete against other players on multiple global ranking maps.
  • Be flexible and change your tactics on randomly-generated maps.
  • Plan your every move in addicting hex war.

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