With Update 0.26, Shattered Plane: Turn-Based Strategy received a Story campaign, that allows players to follow the footsteps of Devana – Slavic goddess and one of the playable characters in the indie fantasy game.

Shattered Plane’s first major update since the release introduces not only the first chapter of the story campaign, but also new ranking maps (which mark the start of Ranking Season 2), Polish and German Localization, and map zoom. Campaign’s structure is somewhat similar to the ones from classic Warcraft games – each chapter focuses on one of the Slavic demigods (Devana, Svarog, Nyja, Veles), and outlines their motivations and role in game’s storyline.

The game istelf is a representative of turn-based strategy genre, so popular on PC devices back in the time, and now making its way into the mobile games market. Shattered Plane’s features, as listed by its developers – Eremite Games, are:

  • classic turn-based combat,
  • 4 unique characters,
  • global ranking (now entering Season 2),
  • 4-players HotSeat mode,
  • and now also the Story Campaign.


“After introducing Story Campaign, we feel that the game and ourselves are more complete now” says Lukasz Korzanowski, Community Manager. “We strongly rely on players’ feedback and we’re happy to deliver one of the features they requested. As hardcore gamers we agree, that a proper fantasy game needs a story campaign.”

Developers plan to continue supporting the game and introduce various improvements in the future, one of them being the localization to other languages. Shattered Plane: Turn-Based Strategy game is already available for mobile devices on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eremite.games.shattered.plane.turn.based.stategy.game

About Eremite Games

Launched in 2017, Eremite Games is a Polish game studio funded by employees of companies such as Techland, Ten Square Games, Picadilla, and Code Horizon. Shattered Plane: Turn-Based Strategy Game, developed after-hours, is Eremite Games’ first production.

Contact: eremitegames@gmail.com

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