Happy New Year Commanders!

We’re glad that you’ve survived all the fierce clashes on the fields of Elear last year. We’ve never doubted you would. You’re the best leaders we have.

Now it’s time to conquer 2019. No matter if you’re serving under Nyja, Velese, Devana, or Svarog – there are plenty of battles to fight and enemies to defeat in the turn-based combat.

New Year Resolutions - Shattered Plane
So let’s some goals for the next 12 months. We have prepared New Year’s Resolutions for you and us.

Players New Year’s Resolutions:

☐ I will play Shattered Plane as each of Patrons (Demigods).
☐ I will be one of TOP 3 players on 3 global ranking maps. [List of maps to win below]
☐ I will continue to give awesome suggestions and feedback to the devs.
☐ I will join Eremite Game’s Discord Server to discuss the present and future of Shattered Plane: [LINK].

Eremite Games New Year’s Resolutions:

☐ We will continue to love our players (not that hard, tbh).
☐ We will work on the campaign (yup, we plan to have it released).
☐ We will continue to listen to feedback and suggestions.
☐ We will discuss the present and future of Shattered Plane with Players on our Discord server: [LINK].

Good luck!

How about that? The goals seem feasible. We hope both you and us will have all the marks checked by the end of 2019.
We wish you a fantastic New Year!

ps Check out the list of ranking maps with the highest amount of moves. There’s a high probability, that you will be able to tweak even better score. Current leaders, beware!

The Vastlands - Shattered PlaneThe Vastlands

Current Champion: Ozi
Turns to conquer: 13

Veles Odds - Shattered PlaneVeles’ Odds

Current Champion: Zedanya
Turns to conquer: 12

Yanardag - Shattered PlaneYanardag

Current Champion: Peally
Turns to conquer: 11

Shattered Plane

Become a Champion in Shattered Plane – turn-based strategy game set in a Slavic fantasy universe.

Download from Google Play:

It’s your turn to crush enemies and conquer the shattered world of Elear. Once a peaceful land, it has now become a battleground for ferocious beasts, led by mighty Patrons. As one of them, you’ll be fighting your divine kin on ranking maps, procedurally generated maps, and in hotseat mode. When demigods clash, only one can remain on the battlefield!

  • Use your tactical skills in turn-based combat.
  • Play with friends in classic hotseat multiplayer mode.
  • Compete against other players on multiple global ranking maps.
  • Be flexible and change your tactics on randomly-generated maps.
  • Plan your every move in addicting hex war.

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