DEVANA – Goddess of nature, harvest, and hunt.

She possesses the ability to talk to the animals and control them.

She’s the Patron of wild and free nature. Portrayed as a strong young virgin, Devana is unrestrained by men and willingly picks up a sword to protect her independence.

Devana Gameplay Shattered Plane Turn-Based Strategy

Werewolf – Devana Tier 1 Unit

During the first centuries of the Eternal War, Devana was the one, who suffered the most. Not only her powers were impaired due to the Cataclysm, but also her territories were unrightfully plundered by men. She has sworn to avenge all harms done to her, starting with the extinction of mankind.

Devana now abducts whole human families. Women and children are slain in front of the men, who are thereupon tortured and crippled. She breaks their will and sows the seeds of the blind animal-like rage. Sparse cases of those who survived this abhorrent ritual have been “gifted” with a curse of lycanthropy.