NYJA – Chthonic Patron of the netherworld and counselor of the dead.

Nyja is also considered to be the goddess of wealth, which she gives away to mortals, but at the same time punishes them cruelly, if they don’t fulfill their vows.

Her name derives from the word “nyti”, which means fading or dying. 

Nyja Gameplay Shattered Plane Turn-Based Strategy

Koschei – Nyja Tier 1 Unit

Nyja has always been more cunning than her divine siblings. When the time of the Cataclysm had come, she was the one to take advantage of it.

An ocean of souls, remnants of countless casualties of a dying planet, headed towards her underworld domain. Knowing that the end draws near, but at the same time predicting her less sophisticated kin’s moves, Nyja abandoned her everlasting duty. She no longer maintained custody over the souls of the dead nor guided them to the underworld. Although Nyja could use them as soldiers, she devoured the whole of their essence instead, annihilating the leftovers of existence and breaking the eternal cycle of rebirth.

Through her newly acquired power, Nyja raised every pile of flesh firm enough to form a durable body from the graves and battlefields of Elear. Those beings were inextricably linked to Nyja’s soul, creating a collective consciousness, entirely under her control.