SVAROG – God of blacksmithing and Forger of the Sun

He is a keeper of fire, including the sacrificial one. Svarog is believed to have provided humans with first tools, which allowed them to develop technologically and therefore is praised especially by craftsmen.

Svarog Gameplay Shattered Plane Turn-Based Strategy

Scorched Soul (Spaleniec) – Svarog Tier 1 Unit

Legend has it that the Scorched were once the souls of country arsonists. When caught red-handed, such person usually avoided the trial, but instead was immediately thrown into the fire, which he or she started. In revenge, the convict was haunting the village in his eerie, hideous form, spreading out the stench of a burnt flesh.

The Scorched, thanks to their envious and cruel nature, didn’t drift into the Underworld, straight into the arms of Nyja. Instead, for centuries they had been wandering off the ruins of settlements, they had burnt. From time to time they detoured off the beaten path to venture into places unscathed by fire to once again wreak havoc. The one they admired so much in their lifetime.

When the war of gods began, Svarog took advantage of their “spark”, forging their vicious souls into enormous armors of stone and magma. From that time, the Scorched form the backbone of his army.