VELES – Patron of homesteads, and the ruler of the Underworld, where he was banished by Perun.

The eternal conflict between those two deities sprung as Veles captured his wife.

According to myths, even when defeated by Perun, Veles took the form of a serpent and was reborn by shedding his skin.

Veles Gameplay Shattered Plane Turn-Based Strategy

Warlock – Veles Tier 1 Unit

Before the Cataclysm, they were Veles’ priests. Those arcane knowledge custodians and neutral observers dabbled in magic and conjuring. Contrary to witches, they treated their profession scientifically (they studied magic volumes, performed eerie rituals, as well as experimented on people) and formed an organized caste.

Ahead of the War of Gods, warlocks were perceived as mysterious, eccentric, cold-blooded, or even foul. They were one of the few to keep the pledge of allegiance to their Patron. Their devotion was so immense, that they sacrificed their humanity to serve under his command in the centuries-long war.