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Shattered Plane – fact sheet (alpha)

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Embrace the power of the Slavic demigods and crush your enemies during the age of war!
Shattered Plane is a turn-based strategy game set in the rich fantasy world of Slavic folklore. For centuries, the land of Elear has been torn by the confrontation of the primal forces known as Patrons. Their origination is as enigmatic as their powers. You are one of those demigods now. Wreak havoc and fight your divine kin. Command the army of creatures known only from the legends. Conquer the shattered plane and defeat your opponents. Do you have what it takes to succeed in the Eternal War?

Confront your friends
Play with up to 4 players in the classic hot seat mode – a tribute to the old-school strategy games.

Become the mighty demigod
Embrace the divine powers and lead your armies to victory as Nyja, Svarog, Veles, or Devana.

Immerse yourself in the Slavic folklore
World of Elear is full of unforgiving mystical creatures from the folk tales, which will try to stop you from conquering the land.

Use unique skills
Precisely timed use of Patrons’ powerful spells can grant an advantage on the dynamic battlefield.

Enjoy hours of gameplay
Procedurally generated maps and different environmental obstacles turn each round into a unique experience and guarantee endless fun.

Play for free
Lack of microtransactions allows you to experience all the features without ever paying.

Once the game is installed, Internet connection is not required to play.

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