Open Alpha Update 0.49 – Ranking 2.0, Parallax Background, And More!


I bring orders from Patrons themselves. We must update Shattered Plane immediately as new Update 0.49 has arrived!

If you don’t want to hear me whining about the good ol’ days and get straight to the change notes, then be my guest and go [here].

There have been improvements to the ranking system, which now allows displaying more players. I hear it has also been reset, so now we have a chance to prove our worth. Heck, maybe we can even impress the demigods! They decided to keep the scores of several skilled soldiers who are at the forefront of the clash.


Speaking of Patrons,  my sources tell me there have been some reshufflings in power among them. Apparently, Devana’s supremacy over others diminished. Svarog, Nyja, and Veles mobilized their commanders, so I suspect we’ll be able to see more of their names in the ranking.


That reminds me… The times they are a-changing and so does army enlistment. Coins won’t buy you a place among warriors anymore. To sworn allegiance and join ranks of a particular demigod, you must now excel in experience. But we have cut our teeth in battles, haven’t we?

What? You’re not sure if you remember what they taught us in military training? Well, I ain’t surprised, you took a solid hit to the head from that Koschei last time. That bastard took you by surprise, but you spectacularly returned the favor. I wonder if he’ll get back from the dead for the second time. Anyway, during briefings before each battle (‘Main Menu’ they call it) we’ll all get some tips to remind us what to be aware of in combat. Our predecessors paid a great price for that knowledge…

Come, take a look. Remember that oaken table, where we used to keep our tactical map? The one with pawns which look like those creatures we fight. That crazy fellow from the 4th regiment, Bakovid, chopped it to pieces with his stone axe and made a cradle for his newborn son out of it!
But every cloud has a silver lining. Now the map magically levitates and has a magnificent view in the background… You can see the whole Elear!

Oh, and last but not least. If you’re sick and tired of those troubadours, who follows us all the time and play their war songs, you’re allowed to turn them away by accessing Settings in-game. What a relief!

Below you can find original notes from the headquarters. Take care, Commander!



  • Complete rework of the Ranking system – you can crash even more greenhorn squires now
  • The world of Elear is now displayed in the background (with sweet parallax)
  • Added tips to loading screens
  • Redesigned demigod unlocking system – we’re truly sorry for your Coins
  • Added Settings to the menu – you can disable music even faster now
  • Balance tweaks (you play Devana way too often!)

Bug Fixes:

  • The game is now correctly working on emulators (#pcmr)
  • Fixed a spontaneous bug that prevented players from playing
  • Unit stat changes are now correctly displayed


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